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I am confused…

i need to export a drawing from inventor into a DWG format but when i did and when it was sent to a metal shop they said they want a format where they can rotate and dimension it themselves. inventor exports FUNKY.


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I’m only guessing here…

1.) Was it a 3D model? You can only rotate 3D models.

2.) Were they using Volo View/Volo View Express?

I hope this helps.

  1. “Save as” from Inventor as an ACIS (.sat) file.
  2. Create a new Autocad File.
  3. Import the .sat file you just created.

Should work fine if you use the right template file (units of measure) to create the Autocad file.

For example:

If you used “English .ipt” when you created the Inventor file then use “Inches” when you create the Autocad file.


we dont have autocad 2000

and we cant get it till monday.

do you know of any utilities?