Inventor Field Link Broken

Can someone help here…this leads to broken links. I’m out of my element and don’t know what to do to help.

I have a team trying to get the Field Model.

Our team downloaded the STEP file for the field, opened it in Inventor (in the open file dialog, choose “STEP files” from the “Files of type:” drop-down so you can see it), and then saved the converted files.

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Thanks! I’ll pass this on.

The link will be corrected today. If you need the Inventor version in a hurry, email me at [email protected] with a subject of Inventor field model. I will provide you with a working link.



Link now working.


Thanks phild, but I have another problem now - I can open some subassemblies with Inventor 2018, but the full field has been saved in Inventor 2019 and it won’t open. Any chance us 2018 holdouts will get a fix?

Thanks @inventor_phild and @indubitably for your help.

The best solution is to download the STEP file. Surprised you can open some subassemblies in 2018.

just use the synthesis field

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