Inventor file path help

At school we have a computer running inventor 5 that people have been CADing various parts of the robot on. The difficulty is, nobody saved anything in a consistent organized way. Subassemblies were in files everywhere strewn about the hard drive. Today i combined all the assemblies to make our robot. That worked fine. The problem i am having is putting them all in a single folder and making it work. I put all the files in a single folder, zipped the folder and emailed to myself. Now i am at home trying to make this work. I expected it to freak out because it couln’t find any of the files and ask me where they were and i would tell it. Instead, I get these errors in the sqeuence shown:

after clicking through all those, I get the robot. All of the pieces are there, but some of them are in the wrong place. If i try to do anything i get lots of scary errors complaining about constraints and geometry that no longer exists.

Keep in mind these drawings were created with inventor 5 and i am trying to open them in inventor 10.

For the top error, you need to make a project file, and possible delete the current one (if there is one). Look in the Inventor help menu for info on project files. For the bottom left error, click yes, then save your assembly It is not an error really, just a notification. For the bottom right error, click Accept and then click the red plus sign on the top toolbar. This will start the recovery process. Go through the recovery menus. It will tell/show you which constraints are bad and give you an option to edit or delete. Personally, I would delete them, then try dragging stuff around, and reconstrain whatever moves that isn’t supposed to.

Sanddrag is probably correct in his advise. However, if a lot of constraints have been lost or you continue to have problems, I suggest you go back to the PC which you got the files from and create a new set of files using Pack and Go (from Windows, right-click on the main assembly file and pick Pack and Go from the menu). This will create a duplicate set of files with their database linkages. You have the option of putting all files in a single directory or of maintaining the existing directory structure.

I have no idea about the first one. However, the latter 2 i have run into multiple times. Generally the update will give you the results you want, but if your unsure go for the “no”. itll ask you again the next time you open it, (as long as you didnt save it) .

The third error is just a result of changing objects that have constraints applied. Id just delete the constraints it complains about, and if you want them there again just reapply the necessary ones and it wont complain like a child anymore.