Inventor File to Powerpoint

Hi everyone. A team member is making a picture in Inventor and they want to import it into powerpoint. Can someone help me figure out how to do this? Thank you for your time!


im not sure but u can do that notebook thing and maybe copy and paste the picture. also u could try to take a screen shot. i have put inventor into powerpoint and i think i used one of the two. hope that helps

There may be a better way, but last time i did this, i took a screenshot, cropped it and inserted it inot ppt as an image. Use the “print screen” buttin, and then paste it inot your fav image editing prog for cropping. Save it and insert it into ppt.

If you save a copy as, can’t you save one as a bitmap file? I think i did this and then used paint to change it into a jpeg.

Yes you can save it as a bitmap. Then you can just open it up in paint and convert the file. Does PowerPoint allow .bmp? If so, the you don’t need to go into paint.

Ok, thanks for the help.