Inventor files for FRC items? (limelight, falcon, etc)

I need Inventor files for things like Falcons, Limelights, et cetera. Does anyone have them? Not an FRC related project but those materials came to mind for this.

Haven’t used inventor, but are you not able to just import the given STEP files?


I need to be able to import them into an assembly and mate them to other parts, and Inventor only allows .ipt files to do that (to my knowledge, I would love to be proven wrong)

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On solidworks at least, you can import them then save as .sldprt to use in assemblies.

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You can definitely import step files into assemblies. When opening a new part to place change the file type to step or all, then open the step file. A window will pop-up but just click ok as the default import settings are what you want typically. After they are imported it will save them as ipts

oh thats great to know! thanks. where is the library for these step files?

There’s no single library for the step files. Andymark, Rev, ThriftyBot, and Vex all have the CAD linked in the product pages. I’ve just created my own libraries before the season starts and add to it as we need things.


i’ll check those out, thanks.

You should check out KLib, it’s most complete COTS Library for Inventor:


When you open a STP or IGES or any other CAD format Inventor will save the file as an IPT, there won’t be any features shown, extrusions holes etc. but you can modify the solids and use them in assemblies. Our usual process is to open the file, save to a location then place in the assembly.

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thanks man! i appreciate the help.

I’ve had some success with this before. I know inventor has a conversion extension that you can add for free so long as you have an active license. This lets you convert most 3D files into editable .ipts

Hope this helps!

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