Inventor Forum At Odd Hours

Has anybody ever noticed that there is always the same amount of people in the inventor forum no matter what time of day it is. There is usually around 2-3 people in thise forum whether it is 1:30 in the morning (which it is now and there are 3 people in here) or 3 ocklock in the afternoon where there is usually still 2-3 people in here. I even remember coming on at 1 AM one time and seeing 6 people in this forum during the season. I’m not saying I’m better because obviously I’m not (like I said before it’s currently 1:30AM). I just thought that I would share this observation with the rest of you, and also leave the forum open to any answers why we have a constant flow of people throughout the horus when all other forums follow a normal time schedule.


I think i might be one of those on at odd hours, you see 1 oclock in the morning wher you are could be anywhere between 8 and 11 in England, where i am, so its not actually that unusual.