Inventor GT2 Pulley Generator

Here is an Inventor 2020 file to generate GT2 3mm pulleys. You modify the number of teeth by adjusting the “Teeth” parameter in Manage–>Parameters.

The design currently has a 1/16" spacer on one side. It also has a 0.015" tolerance for the 1/2" hex that works well with our 3D printer. YMMV.

The plan is to create an iLogic template for this in the offseason.

Pulley Generator GT2 3mm 0.500 Hex.ipt (392.5 KB)


I have a 2020 file to generate GT2 2mm pulleys. Same method to modify teeth as above.

I only really created a profile to share as i found yours to be helpful, unfortunately there is a restriction on new users from posting files.

Happy to directly email to someone to post on my behalf.


Here is @PandaTech’s GT2 (296.9 KB) and instructions:

Stripped down Parameters file included for easy integration of the profile into another file. just import the parameters, copy the initial sketch over, break the fix to origin if it’s needed to be centered elsewhere and then fix the sketch dimension relationships that will drop in the transfer (just have the original file open and copy paste). Pattern using the NumTeeth Parameter and you’re set.