Inventor help

Is their a way to stop inventor crashes or delays?
I am just noticing but not sure the use of iparts and passing those iparts to different .ipj files cause the conflicts.
The other problem that might add is the assemblies become so large with constraints. Is there a reasonable limit to run these assemblies.
Also is Vault better for multiple users to work on assemblies than a single user profile. :confused:

If your computer is having trouble running inventor it could cause crashes/delays. A couple things to fix this are making sure everything on the view tab is off (shadows, textures, etc.) and also going to performance mode in the hardware tab of the options menu.

Can you give me more information on the following:

  1. CPU

  2. Memory - RAM

  3. Graphics card and memory

  4. Version of Inventor

I know Phil is the man when it comes to Inventor, but the first 2 things I always do are:

Update your video card driver
Unload all the “add ins” you can

Mr. B

I’ve had a lot of similar troubles with Inventor and checking my graphics card updates solved my problem. It could really be this easy.

I agree with the previous comments from Caitlin and Mr. B.

Graphics cards and drivers are typically the issue.

Also, check these links.