Inventor Help

Whenever I try to put AM wheel files into an assembly, the computer freaks out and tells me this cannot be done. Does anyone know a way to get these files into an assembly?

I would recommend opening the .stp wheel file in a new window so you can save it as the inventor file format first. Then you can place the .ipt into your assembly file. Hope this helps!

Would there be any other problems that could occur with the wheels being their own assemblies?

No. You can use assemblies within assemblies. The AM wheels would then be considered a sub-assembly of the assembly you placed them in.

It sounds like the file type is the issue. Inventor (and many other CAD packages) does not handle STEP (.step .stp) ile conversion at the inserting into assembly level. Our rule is to always open and convert the STEP file to a native CAD format, save, and use the newly created file.

Not that I can think of. Placing assemblies in other assemblies has never given me any issues. It just creates nested assemblies.

It sounds like you are trying to place a .step file directly into an assembly. You have to import the .step file first, save it as a .ipt part or .iam assembly. And then place that part/assembly into your current assembly.