Inventor Library

I’m having some problems to find 5/8"Ball Bearings in the INVENTOR Library. Can anybody help me? (That one in the FIRAT CAD LIBRARY doesn’t work for me, it’s to poor!)

Try downloading the Cybersonics’ files. It looks like they used them in their design last year.

I think the only place we used the 5/8 ID bearing was for the wheel axles, which only show up in the final assembly. Here’s the link for that download: Final Robot. Unfortunately, that is the whole robot assembly - all 150+MB.

If you go to, he has a great selection of iPart bearings here.

Why is the First Cad Library version too poor? Just wondering… :confused:

Maybe he wants a flanged bearing? In any case, go to cbliss and download the i-bearing. You can customize the OD, ID, flange, etc.