Inventor LT


Autodesk just launched a redesigned Labs page, as well as the new Inventor LT, free for download!

Check it out at


Looks great but would this be any advantage to us in FIRST?

I’m not so sure about its benefits in FIRST, but outside of FIRST, this is a valuable program. I have heard stories about not being able to transfer files between two places because of different programs and this will relieve most from those hassles.

I suppose the only way FIRST will benefit at all would be if you were downloading files from another team with intentions to modify it, or if someone personally had a CAD program at home that differed from the one at their workplace, and they wanted to edit something at home.

Inventor LT is free to use and it also includes a “light” version of Inventor.
You can draw parts and drawings… (just not assemblies)

This way you can practice at home… and draw parts that you can interface to the copies of Inventor you have at school…

It is a great way to learn how to use Inventor and its free to use!!

pretty cool I would say… its not just a way to transfer files from one format to another… it IS Inventor…

I loaded it today and tried it out…