Inventor Model of Orbit ball?

Does anybody have a link to a model of the orbit ball for inventor. I looked on firstbase, but I didn’t find it? Maybe I just mist it though. Thanks for the help.

Why not just make your own?

A simple couple of polyline extrusions or square sweeps would do.

Has either one of you all ready modeled the orbit ball, and are willing to share it?

Thank you!

I just finished making a model of the empty cell in inventor, it took about three days to get it and it still is not perfect but it is close. I’ll offer the file as soon as someone tells me how…

To post a file, just click on the attachments button when typing a post. It’s the paperclip next to the undo button. It will bring up a window that lets you upload a file directly from your computer or a URL. There’s also a table showing the max file size for each file type.

^ HAHAHA. He JUST uploaded an attachment. Do you really think he doesn’t know how to do that? (even after he just did it)

Sorry for the delay on getting the file on to Chief delphi. I was having problems getting the part to upload because it is just too big.

Any ideas on how I could zip or compact the file in order for it to fit?:confused: One of my teams mentors suggested trying to change the part to another formatand letting others to download and re-convert the file back to an inventor part

Here is a model of the Orbit ball in Inventor for anything other file format. After you download, from Inventor select Open, Files of type .SAT.

Dont waste your time making a part if it already exists.