Inventor popping sound for constraints is gone

I realized my Inventor doesn’t make that popping sound for constraints anymore. Maybe it got turned off. Is there an option for it anywhere? The rest of the sound functionality on my computer is just fine. Thanks.

That noise always annoyed the heck out of me anyways. Good riddance.

mine is still working for me… I don’t mind it to much…yet…ask me again once I have the whole robot CAD’ed well that may be a different story

I couldn’t find anything about sound in the Application Options, but you can browse to the Inventor\Bin\ folder and check to see if you have Connect.wav. If not, then that’s the problem.

hmm, I’ve never used Inventor with the sound on before (maybe that’s because I use it at school).

MY Inventor 8 has recently been doing it at random…

I think it may be because I have like 10 other windows open when designing though and it bogs down the program…

Well, just as mysteriously as it left, it has come back. I now have the sound again. Wierd.

yeah I have noticed now too that sometimes it doesn’t make that sound and some times it does. One of Inventor’s quirks I guess. Ther has to be some reasoning behind it’s madness.

Until just recently, I had never used Inventor with any sort of sound; College computers have no sound hardware either installed or enabled (don’t ask me why the school has decided to disable every on board sound card so you can’t even use headphones).

I was a little surprised at that odd little popping noise when I first heard it, since up till then Inventor had been quiet as a mouse.

I still don’t get why it’s there if there are essentially no other effects, but then a lot of things about Inventor are beyond me. I’m sure the folks at Autodesk didn’t make software with the intent of annoying me, but sometimes it sure seems like it.

Now, using Inventor 10, even during my same modeling session the popping sound would go on and off. Strangest thing.

you asked about connect.wav. Inventor 8 has it. I don’t know if you need to know now, but, becuase you asked.