Inventor powered by Linux?

Is it possible to run Inventor on Linux? I was thinking that wine could do this but I am pretty new to Linux and don’t want to start messing with things i don’t fully comprehend yet. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

Last time I checked it didn’t run under Wine. It stopped at the install (after 4 hrs). This was about a year ago.

I believe it runs a Win32 application unless you get the special Mac version.
so i believe the answer is no. not 100% sure, but 99%

A little off topic, but since when is there a Mac version. I’ve been looking for a while and have been trying to find a way around the lack there of.

I was waiting for this as well. I just need to wait a little longer until I can get a new macbook. My graphics card is not supported :o
It’s on their educational/first site as well

I run Inventor in a WinXP VMware machine on top of my Ubuntu installation. It’s a little unstable, and of course limited by how much memory you can allocate to the VM, but it works for the little bits of design sketching that I do. You might consider running a dual boot if you need to do any serious modeling.


I already do a dual boot, I was just wondering if it was possible to drop windows cause my laptop isn’t the greatest and Ubuntu runs better.