Inventor problems

Riiighht… So how do i unconfuse inventor when it freaks out because i moved an assembly and associated files from one computer to another? At least i think that’s the problem. Anyway, i moved some filez from one computer to another and now whenever i try to open any of them, I get a message “error in reading RSe streamer segment.” :ahh: Uhhh… How do i fix this?? :confused:

Did you move the part with the assembly file too? I’ve never had any problems with Moving files.

yep, all the parts are there. I know that’s not the problem bc i can’t even open the individual part files. Same message.

Same Inventor Version I’m assuming?

I know they are both 5.x. I’m not sure about subversion.

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Grrr… After some googling, it seems that this is the error you get when you try to open files from diff versions. I guess subversions do matter. I’m not sure i completely trust that though. If that were true then how come the files from flaces like csbliss and First Cad Library work fine for me. Are they saved in a really early version format or something?
Grrr… Anybody have a .ipt to .step converter?

Why not 7?

Well I took ot home over the weekend, but never found time to load it. 7 will come soon.

Note: read edited post above.

That error message sounds like an Inventor version problem. Even within a major rev, you may have problems, such as between 5.0 and 5.3, in my experience.

We also had a similar problem…we had to make project files to transfer files between computers or the computer would get confused.