Inventor question

Can we install Autodesk Inventor Student Version 2011 on multiple computers? :confused:

i dont know much about it but it depends on how many liscenses you are given. If you can figure that out then you can figure out how many computers you can install it on. sorry if i am being obvious

When you register with Autodesk, you receive a single seat serial number and license. You need to register with a different email address for every computer you plan on installing the software on. As far as a limit on licenses, I don’t believe teams are limited to a set number as we were in past years.

You may install Inventor 2011 on as many machine as you like from the disks that are provided in the Kit of Parts or if you prefer to download the program directly from autodesk you must install a new download for each machine, since using this method requires a unique serial number and unique activation key code. It’s a great way to go…Inventor 2011 is easier than any previous version of the software that I have used…Just awesome features

As far as I have been able to tell with my experience with it, installations are unlimited, however activations are limited to 10 per account.

Really? I;m mostly familiar with in student system, in which you have to provide a .edu email address, in which you only receive only one 3 year activation/license for each product. I assumed it would be the same seeing as its all based off the same website.

I can’t really remember what I was using, but it wasn’t the one requiring a .edu email. I definitely activated 10 computers on my account though. It was something through FIRST, can’t really remember exactly what it was. In past years, I believe ending in 2008ish? you were allowed 10 activations based on one “master” account, but Autodesk has since changed their distribution process for both FIRST teams and students, grouping them both under the education community under one webpage. If you google search for first base now, its brings you right to the Autodesk education page. I believe what your referencing is the older system.

i believe that someone has to refer you to the site. on the student site i believe that there is an option to invite your friends. i believe i just had my mentor send me an invite.