Inventor Question

I’m trying to make a model of a gearbox on Inventor 7 right now. How do I make gears/sprockets and how do I join parts together? I’ve made a few plates right now and I’m planning to join them together with 8-32 screws I made. How do I do those things? Is there a site where I can learn from?

Go to the Help menu and select Tutorials. That should cover the basics pretty well.

I dunno how everyone else does gears, but what i do is i make a tooth, and use the ciruclar pattern tool to create a number of them rotating around a point. then I use the sketch doctor to combine all the redudant points together. Exit the sketch and use the extrude feature to create a 3d gear. Need any help feel free to IM me @ specialagentjim

Here’s a thread on this topic:

Gears and sprockets I download… cbliss and firstcadlibrary are great for this.

Screws and other fasteners are available in the parts library. Search under help to see exactly how to get there and use it.

There is a website . It is a huge cad library. It is better than the first cad library. And there is a feature when you open it in inventor called the 3rd party which allows you to change the piece by changing a few numbers in the excel document it opens. It is really cool. I have been using it to design one of our trannys this year.

Others have addressed the question of how to make gears and sprockets, and I’m sure I have my share of comments in the referenced threads. But nobody has addressed your other question of how to put things together.

To do that you need to make an assembly model. The parts are then positioned relative to each other using constraints. If you do ALL of the tutorials, then they should eventually get to this (at least they did on I6). But if you are trying to find out how to do something, it often helps to know what that action is called.