Inventor Renders

Hey guys, I have a bit of a strange questions. In my Web Design class we’re working on a project to create a web application. My application is going to be “Build your own FIRST Robot.” But, that being said I need a bunch of images to use in my application!

So I’m looking for teams who can provide me with the following:

Inventor renders (high res, jpg if possible) of your BASE/CHASSIS and MANIPULATOR designs. I’ll take any for the past few years.

If you can provide me with multiple views/angles I’d appreciate that. And, if you built a telescoping arm, please provide me renders of the different levels of your telescope.

I’ll take anything! Seriously! And I’ll be sure to post my completed project here so you can all play with your new robots!


Did these in the offseason.

These are great! Thank you so much!