Inventor Robovation Wheels

Does anybody have an inventor file of the foam wheels that come with the Robovation Kit?


I haven’t seen the robovation kit yet. Are they like the ones in the EDU bot stuff ( about 3" diameter, 1" thick, gray, ridges cut into the foam, plastic hub, square shaft about 1/8" thick) ? If they are, then I could make some if you need them. Or you could send me a pic with dimentions and I might be able to make them from that.

They are the same wheels as the Edubot :slight_smile:

Just so people know, I have made the 2 1/4" wheels. See the pic. email me for it. I don’t know the demand for them, so be patient (even if there is no demand) :wink:

edu bot wheel.JPG

edu bot wheel.JPG