Inventor Submission

Does anyone know exactly what to put in the zip file for the Inventor submission? The submissions from last year only contain a few 2-D drawings and I don’t know exactly which ones to make.

I recommend reviewing the Submission rules thoroughly.
Your 3D files and drawings are both required. I recommend using “Pack and Go” (found in the Tools in your Programs list under Autodesk, also in the File menu), to help collect all of the dependent files.

I know i had to make the 3-D model and the 2-d drawings, but i didn’t see anything about which parts to make 2-d drawings for while reading the website.

The choice of what to document in 2D is up to the team. Certainly a top level assembly view, with a Bill of Materials, is a minimum. I would recommend any major subassembly, and any custom part, should also be documented.