Inventor top 5 @ nationals

I was wondering whether a team that gets into top 5 for inventor but doesn’t win at regionals still gets to compete at nationals. And if they do, do they have to pay to go?

:confused: :confused: :confused: Thanks

There is no Regional Award for the Inventor Submission. It goes all into the same pool to be considered for the national award.

However the aniamtion award have the regional awards independent from national decisions.

yeah i know

I wanted to know that if you dont win at regionals (with the normal competetion), but you get top 5 for the inventor competetion, would you be able to go to nationals

It is not a qualification for the championship.

And ***everyone ***pays for the Championship.

Invitations to CMP are for
Rookie All-Star (1) - not highest rookie seed!
Chairmans (1)
Engineering Inspiration (1)
Winning alliance (3 (or 4 if a backup bot is called up))