Inventor: What Version?

Hey all-
Just recently a thought came to me. What version of Inventor is used by each of your teams?

Most of the CAD team uses 10. One of the mentors uses 6, at least partly because his computer is too old to support anything newer.

Most of the team uses 8 but i voted for 7 because you are dragged down by your lowest member who has a lower version since they arnt backwards compatible

Probably because it is the best.

Yeah, that ticks me off. You’d think they would be nice enough to at least *try…*Guess its that whole capitalism thing they’ve got going…:smiley:

This makes me glad that we had the whole team upgrade to 10.

One of the reasons that I put this poll up is to ask a question: Teams post pictures of the robot in Inventor, but only from an assembly view. If so many use Inventor 10, it ends up better quality to use Inventor Studio to render a picture to put up. (the menu is really easy, but pm me if you have questions on how to use it)

We use 10, but our CAD lab uses 8. Kind of hard to work on it in class when I get bored :rolleyes: .

In our CAD lab uses inventor 9, In one CAD lab uses AutoCAD 2002, Only one problem the CAD lab next door has AutoCAD 2005. Makes it hard to work on stuff during robotics i use '02, because during school i use '05 and it i work on it during school and it updates from '02 to '05 and when i go to axcess ny file its non-compaticable. The part that really stinks is we cant go nex door.

We have 5.3 in the CAD lab, except for 7 comps with 10.
However, the network rules in our school severely limit the files we can access in 10 (only the 50 mb student network space) so we do a lot of work in 5.3 so we can use external hds/thumbdrives and then migrate it to 10 to render. (Unless of course there’s something that’s easier to do in 10, such as well, anything.)

Our school has the PLTW classes, so we have a lab with inventor 10. :slight_smile: One of our mentors has inventor 7, but he usually doesn’t do much with it.

Our team has a dedicated Cadlab with about 10-12 computers having Inventor 10 on them (Our school bought their own copy). I also have a copy I borrowed from the school on my laptop (really handy). I posted an image of our machine in assembly mode at Team 213. The reason I did not render it, is that I simply have not think to, it was more of a functional picture. Besides, I have not had a chance to mess around with Inventor Studio yet. A note to 114ManualLabor: I was very impressed with the job that your team did in Inventor-our team never came close to hat level of detail in our drawings.

Hey ummmm… you guys kinda forgot to put Inventor 9 as an option. I know few teams use it but I’m just saying.

Hey, do this again next year during build season. I could benefit from it in file sharing amongst other teams.

I’m getting version 11 at work :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: I use 10 at home and at work right now.

our school has managed to stay with the latest at all times. 10 is obviously the best, but eleven, from what it sounds like, will be a blast

Inventor 11, y’all.

Woot, we’ve got 11.

We use 11 since its our first year, so everyone is running on 11.

Wow, I haven’t seen this thread in a while… Inventor 11 didn’t exist back when I posted it.

Who all’s looking forward to 12? (fixed sheet metal ftw!)

Im using 11!