Hey guys,
At a workshop here in San Diego, one of the parting notes was to inventory your control system when it arrived. I haven’t been able to find any documentation regarding this. No packing list, no inventory docs. Risht now all I know is that we’re missing two items in the diagram that came with the system. Is this something I can use to inventory? Is everything oon the diagram supposed to be in the box?

Here you go.

There won’t be a packing list, & the diagram should NOT be used to inventory the system as it shows a (semi-complete) system, but the diagram does not show you what you have in the box (there are no motors, signal light, etc. in the box you received)

The inventory list is shown here:

Which was easily found on this page:

Also be careful to look for the small stuff in the packing peanuts, like the dongle used to enable the control system. It can easily get missed.