Inverted color mind tricks!

Here’s what you do. Take a picture, any picture with vibrant colors and make a gif that will play tricks on your eyes to make a colored image where there is none.

Step 1: Open up photoshop or Gimp (which is what this tutorial was written for), open your image, and draw a dot in the center.

Step 2: Make a duplicate of your image and convert it to Greyscale. Follow that by converting it to RGB again. It should now be a black/grey/white image.

Step 3: take the original image and invert the colors.

Step 4: go to the grey image and create a new layer.

Step 5: copy all of the inverted colored image and paste it on top of the layer you created on the grey image.

Step 6: You should now have 2 layers, the bottom a greyscaled image of the original and the top an inverted version of teh original.

Step 7: Now index your image as you always would with a .gif

Step 8: Save your image as <yourname>.gif and save the layers as an animation. Select one frame per layer and set the frame time to 10000 milliseconds or 10 seconds.

Step 9: Make sure it works and post it up here!

Here’s one that I made:

Stare at the dot as it goes through it’s frames. Surprise!

AhhhhGGGGG!! my rods and cones are burned in! * {°u°}*

Keep staring at the dot. You also really can’t move your eyes. You HAVE to keep your eyes on the dot to see it.


Must have color blind friend try to make sure it is color blind compliant. :stuck_out_tongue:

I take it that it is supposed to make the black and white image seem like it has color? All I get is a hint of green in the background. Is there some way to slow it down to give a longer stare time at the funky colored version? My eyes must be slow to train…

try turning up the brightness on your monitor maybe

and hold your eyes perfectly still while the weird color is displayed, and when the B&W image comes back

its weird, cause you see a colored photo, and you wonder if its a trick, so you move your eyes, and the color is gone.

BTW, the puffins head is mostly B&W no matter what, but the beak looks reddish/brownish

Now that is just awesome…

The beak turns a bright aqua turquoise as well as an inner line following the eye.
The background turns a marbled, mottled purple with dark green added into the mix at the bottom -

I don’t see reddish/brownish -

Yeah, I saw that post coming :rolleyes: …

So yeah, I am not feeling the whole color vibe in this picture. I am supposed to stare at the dot, not move my eyes, and then when it changes see normal color? I notice some weirdness, but I don’t think the colors are even right when that happens (nothing is ever the right color, so thats my normal at least). When I go to look at colors, I have to stare at them to identify them. Since that throws the whole thing off, I can’t get it.

Fun fact: Want to know another thing that is not colorblind compliant? The chargers that FIRST provides in the KOP every year. :ahh: ohh fun times in the pit

So yeah, I am not feeling the whole color vibe in this picture. I am supposed to stare at the dot, not move my eyes, and then when it changes see normal color?

To me it turns into an x-ray sort of look. The puffin looks like the x-ray against a film of color. It’s not like a painting or a coloring book, it looks like gels for lighting sort of. And it pops b-i-n-g from one to the other.

  • they’re coming to take me away oho oha ahee -

ok - I see reddish brownish beak and algae green background.

The idea is to stare at the funky colored one and then when the grayscale one pops in, your brain colors it with the opposite colors and you see a “normal” colored image of the puffin. This one just isn’t really working for me…

I think this is what I get, some green in the background and some hint of red on the beak. I still think if I could stare at the funky colored image longer, I’d see more color on the grayscale image.

Gosh, you guys sure do have weird eyes…

Here’s a new one that should be MUCH easier for even the most colorblind of you to see :stuck_out_tongue:

But keep in mind, the purpose of this thread is to make your own!

is that like speaking loudly and slowly, with a chinese accent

to a chinese person

as if that will allow them to suddenly comprehend english ?!

are you colorblind?

Yeah, but I don’t “Photoshop” or “Gimp” so I can only rely on the efforts of others to experience this wonderful phenomenon of the human brain.

The flower works much better. It surprised me when it changed. I was like “Wait a minute… it’s in color!”

what is RGB?

Red/Green/Blue Color values.

OK, I did the same idea using a low tech approach, because Im a lazy lazy man.

Pick out a spot on the top photo and stare intently for 10 to 20 seconds, then look at the same spot on the lower photo.

I promise no witches will leap off the page at you!

If it doesnt work you are not staring intently enough!

one of the weird things about this is you want to look around at the second photo, but as soon as you move your eyes the color is gone.

Good demonstration that you cant always believe your own eyes.

BTW, the longer you stare at the first photo, the more saturated the colors will be on the second. 3.73564 hours seems to be optimum! :ahh:

There, I animated it for you.