Inverted MiniCIM Gearbox Design for 3D Printing

Our team has been experimenting with 3D printed gear plates. Here’s a preseason release of a design that we might use this season, depending on the game.

Autodesk Inventor Project Files
STEP file (right click / save target as)

The gearbox features a quick change cover for changing the 2nd stage gear ratio.

We used 3D printed gear plates in the offseason, trying to abuse them to see how they would hold up, and they held up. That includes an offseason event, practice driving, and some gratuitous wall ramming and ramp jumping. Those ones were simply printed versions of the flat aluminum plates we ran in 2018, and the general design was the same basic idea as this posted design. We’ve had an ABS set on one side of the robot and a PLA set on the other side since May. Both have survived with no apparent damage.

Our motivation for potentially using printed gear plates is to eliminate lead time and be
able to easily make our parts in house.


That’s a great looking gearbox. I like the encoder solution too, although I might add some ribs to the flange holding the encoder - a little deflection there could cause the belt to come off. (come to think of it, you could also design in a cover and/or guides for the encoder belt)

I fancied the Encoder solution too. We use a lot of the CTRE Mag-encoders. I would consider putting the magnet in the axle and installing the encoder with a printed standoff. I would love to see video and photos too.

What are the print settings you used?