Invest Now! Live Auction Draft for Battlecry Signup - Draft on 6/4 8-10pm ET

We’re bringing back the live auction drafts for off-season events. If you are not familiar with how these work check out an example from Chezy Champs here

These live teams will set the prices where you can then pick your own sets of teams for your own. Later on. This creates a wonderful avenue where if you are a live team, you get to set the value of teams for others and if you are not a live team you get to critique the questionable and sometimes amazing decisions set in the live draft!

Our first event will be for Battlecry! We are looking for 8-10 teams to participate in the live draft and set the values of the teams! The live draft will take place live on air at on Tuesday June 4th at 8:30pm ET. If you are interested in forming a team of 1-3 people to participate, please fill out the form below by Thursday May 30th.


If we can get things up and running we may increase the frequency of live drafts to allow for multiple people to participate.