`Iobotics Website

Hey all,

Can you check out my team’s website and give some feedback on it? We’re still working on it, but i think it’s better to start early so we won’t be scrambling to get stuff done while we’re building at the same time. Here’s the link: http://iolani.honolulu.hi.us/robotics/opening.html



I’m impressed,

The site looks very clean. There are only minor things I can see right away. When you expand the window of your internet browser, the site does not stay centered and some of the images take forever to load.

But otherwise, nice job.


Hmmm, the loading time might’ve been you, mine loaded in 2 seconds on pages with images.

The website definitely captured my interest. The navigation gets to be a bit rough when I get deeper into it, but it’s still pretty good.

Thanks for the great comments. We will try to make load time faster if possible, and an easier navigation system. I don’t know if anyone has enough time, but if you do, I would greatly appreciate it if you grade our website using the website criteria sheet. All your good comments wouldn’t mean much if we were missing a big part of the requirements for the site right? =P You can access the sheet here.

Thanks so much,