IOException message: Error on FDIO read

In our console we often see the output below. It is rather cryptic and we are having problems chasing down what it is or if we need to worry about it. The robot operates as it should but we don’t like seeing errors.

I can post selected parts of our code but at this point to me it doesn’t seem obvious where the error is originating from.

I will add that by taking out 2 lines we see this error alot less.
SmartDashboard::PutNumber(“Left Drive Joystick Value” , stick->GetRawAxis(leftDriveAxis));
SmartDashboard::PutNumber(“Right Drive Joystick Value” , stick->GetRawAxis(rightDriveAxis));

Has anyone else seen this or have any clue what causes it?

read error: : S_errno_ECONNRESET
IOException message: Error on FDIO read
0x1104x51415485 3e8n8t eernetde rceodn nceocntnieocnt isotna tset:a tSeE:R VGEORT__ECRORNONRE
CCTlIoOsNe_:F R0OxM1_1C4L5I4E5N8T

TSatsakr teixnigt etda snko:r mSaelrlvye:r SCeornvneerc tCioonnn eRcetaidoenr RTehardeeard
task 0x114c610 (FRC_Server Connection Reader Thread) deleted: errno=9 (0x9) status=0 (0)
0x1145388 entered connection state: CONNECTED_TO_CLIENT

The cryptic stuff is actually pretty easy to figure out once you recognize that it’s two error messages being printed simultaneously. For example:

TSatsakr teixnigt etda snko:r mSaelrlvye:r  SC...
T a s k   e x i t e d   n o r m a l l y :   S ...
 S t a r t i n g   t a s k :   S e r v e r   C...

I couldn’t say why you’re getting them, though.

Thanks for pointing that out. I feel I should have been able to figure that out myself.

I guess my real question is now that I understand the cryptic part is something we’ve been seeing over and over is what does “IOException message: Error on FDIO read”

What is FDIO stand for?