iOS and Android 2016 Scouting Apps

Hey! does anyone know of iOS AND Android scouting apps that talk to each other and are currently available on iOS App Store / Google Play, or will be soon? 2232 wanted to use MORscout by Team 1515 (Looks amazing with source code), but the app(s) haven’t been published yet, and our team wants to test these apps out

I have seen several Android only apps, but no iOS apps.

Thanks for any help!

SuperScouter is available on iOS this year! While it takes some coordination and work, I really like this app. It is schema-based. Here’s a link to the thread!

Do you have to build and host a server? How would you go about doing that? Can it be hosted on a Raspberry Pi?


You should find all the info in the thread :slight_smile: the creator is very friendly and I’m sure he’d be willing to answer any questions! To download schemas you can use HTTP (server), and to upload info either http, QR codes or ethernet. If you want to update your info during competition, you can’t use HTTP! I found the QR codes were too high res for webcams, so my team is going to be using ethernet.