iOS App to control robots

I know at one point there was a iOS app that allowed you to drive a robot around. I can’t seem to find it on the AppStore, and I have been told that it was taken down.

Does anyone know where I can still get it? or who I can contact? or if there is an Android app?

We are trying to get some of our old robots working again in preparation for some outreach events and we need control systems so we can run multiple robots at once, but we don’t want to have to buy more joysticks.


If i remember correctly, it got taken off of the iOS app store because the team that developed it no longer had a apple license. They still do have the source code is available on their website, at It was made by team 3357.

As far as I know, no port for Android exists. There might be a different app for it though.

I’m looking to re-create that app. Right now, I’m decoding the Driver Station communication with a packet analyzer. If someone thinks they can lend me a hand, please message me.

Edit: Yes, source is available for COMET’s app, but I don’t believe it works with the 2013 Driver Station anymore.

I hadn’t checked that at all. I know it worked with last year’s though. If it’s just for non-competition events, the crio’s could just be re-imaged with an old image if there is no better alternative.

There is a port of SmartDashboard for Android made by WPI which could theoretically be used to control an already enabled robot. The link can be found here, I’m not sure if it works though.