IP adresses for stuff

What is the IP address end in for the laptop/desktop and what IP address is 10.xx.yy.4 for??:confused:

Look at the diagram on page six of Chapter 5: Configuration of the Control System Manual; the IP addresses are all labeled.

Kristian is right, consult the manual first. 10.xx.yy.4 is for the router and 10.xx.yy.6 is for the laptop. The laptop only needs this IP address when going through the driver station, updating the CRIO, and when plugged strait into the CRIO through a crossover cable. Other than that, the laptop can have a DHCP address.

The dashboard also requires a .6 IP address.

The best and only thing i can say is “RTFM” (Read The FIRST Manual) also you need to set a static ip for the laptop with the .6 ip address section 5.2, I beleve explains how to do it, step by step.