IP Camera at competition

Anyone have any idea why our ip camera worked in the shop but doesn’t when tethered top the fms? Only 2 ports means we cannot test it very easily.

We had the same problem last week. We could work with the “home” firmware in the radio, but could not connect to the IP camera with the “competition” firmware. We resolved the problem by going to static IPs all devices. It is my understanding that several teams had to make this change. I don’t know if all were having IP camera issues.
You can use last year’s bridge (with WiFi disabled) as an on-board router for the robot. We used a spare VRM for power, connected the second output from the radio and the camera to the Dlink. You can then tether the DS and/or your development computer to the Dlink in the pits/practice field.

You can use the USB port to tether to the robo-rio to deploy code while tethered, I’m not sure about viewing the camera or running the DS while tethered over usb, but it’s something you could look into.

My team had the same issue with the Jetson TK1 today as well and I can confirm that the above fix of assigning static IP addresses works for network communication with this device as well. I was informed by a FTA and found through observation that no DHCP server runs on the radio after configured for bridge mode.

Static ip for us was half the battle. The final solution was to setup the hosts file to point axis-camera.local (or whatever it was can’t remember to the new static ip. Then it worked.

Yes, we did a static IP as well at our competition last weekend. Anything in the rang of 10.TE.AM.11-19 won’t conflict with anything else that is used by FIRST, dhcp or static.

Yes, we were told to use anything from 11-19 also with no confiicts.