IP Configuration for running multiple bots in LAB.

Ok, so the first time in TORC history we have 2 robots running in the lab, our 2011 Logomotion Bot, “I pick things up and put them down” and our breakaway bot the “kicker”.

This is mainly due to the fact that until last year we only owned 1 crio.

So my question is what is the best practice solution to the running multiple bots in the lab environment.

What IP’s should be used for the second bot and drivers stations, and does anyone have a list of where the ip’s need to be updated?

Our team number is 2137, so right now we have the logo bot as 10.21.37.x and the kicker bot on 10.21.38.x.

I think I would like to have both bots on the same 10.21.37.x subnet so I can set up a DHCP server and have it hand out ip’s in this subnet so any programming terminal could access either bot.

But not sure of all of the implications and where these need to be adjusted.

Currently both robots are programmed in labview, but we are looking at using java this year, and have started doing exercises in java. We are about to deploy a java bot and try to get basic functions working.

Thanks for the help.

The required robot and driver station IP addresses mean you can’t have two 'bots running with the same team number. If you want to put multiple robots on the same subnet, the subnet mask has to be (or if you can keep the high two digits the same). Unfortunately, the original blue router from the Kit of Parts doesn’t have that as an option. To make things work smoothly, you’ll need a router/DHCP server that can handle Class A or Class B network addresses.

So the robot and drivers stations IP’s are “hard coded” somewhere and can’t be edited, (at least easily). Got it.

Not sure what the original “Blue” router is/was. On the bots we have the white 2011 Access points on both bots, and we are using 10.21.37.x for the logo motion and 10.21.38.x for the kicker bot.

So the thought was to have a wireless router, wan port to the school lan, enable dhcp, and let it handout ips above for dhcp clients, now with subnet mask of and the programming laptops can pull ip’s via dhcp, program both bots, an still get to the internet to ask questions here. :slight_smile:

I was just sure smart people with two or more bots have done this. :slight_smile:

The original “blue” router is a Linksys WRT610N Router that came in the 2009 KOP and was used during the 2009 and 2010 seasons are part of the driver station.

Yes, this is doable. Like Alan said, you need two driver stations each with their proper sets of IPs. Actually, since you said that both of your robots have the 2011 dlink Access Point on them, why don’t you just set them both to “AP Mode” and have them broadcast networks with different SSIDs (you change this as part of the radio configuration process). Then, you have each driverstation computer wirelessly connect to the network broadcast by the robot with the corresponding set of IPs and you won’t have to worry about any network conflicts.

That’s how we do it.

This makes it inconvenient for a programmer who wants to be able to work on both robots for development. It’s also not trivial to access the robot and other network resources simultaneously.

A wireless router with its WAN port on the school network sounds like a good idea. My suggestion would be to set up the router’s DHCP server to give out addresses in the 10.0.100.x range, since that will never interfere with the robot address scheme. The trickiest part of this would be configuring all the robots and driver station computers to connect to the single SSID.