IP issues

Ok so first off i have not used pretty much any thing having to do with wireless or ip addresses at all but i DO know that i have a problem.

As far as i can tell, our router has the correct ip ( and we can access the basic setup through a web browser. i think our computer has the correct ip but i’m not entirely sure. The big problem is that we i try to go to our adapter through a web browser it will not connect.

I have tryed to switch the computer’s ip too the ip that the adapter is supposed to be but it says that that ip is already in use. So i think that the computer knows that it is there but will not connect with it.

Can any one help me or point me in the right way?

“Your router should be at, and your computer should be at is the address that the Wireless Gaming Adapter is supposed to have.”

Alan, this information is incorrect, please be careful about this. The Gaming Adaptor is suppose to be a 10.X.X.1 address, the Kit Access Point/Router is suppose to be a 10.X.X.4 address, the robot is 10.X.X.2 and the DS is 10.X.X.5. X.X being the proper team number.

Please refer to the configuration guide

At the event when a teams VLAN is configured on the field, FMS sets the team’s particular SSID to 10.X.X.4, as a respected member of Chief Delphi your information here could have caused a conflict on the field that would have taken an FTA a long time to trouble shoot holding up a regional.