Ip Isuess.

So basically the netbook was running fine but I decide I wanted to go on the internet so I set the IPv4 settings back to auto ( I wrote down the original IP) but when I wanted to connect again to it, I replaced the IP address but it will no longer connect to the router. Since I didn’t change anything on the router it must be the netbook. MY DNS is blank could that be it… or is it the subnet mask, the Default gateway is left blank is that okay?

Subnet mask should be

Default gateway is 10.te.am.1

I don’t think this should make a difference.

Another option is that your netbook is not set to connect to the robot’s network. Go to your wireless networks and check to see if you are connected.

Hope this helps.

Ip: 10.xx.yy.6

where xx.yy is your team number


Subnet Mask:

Putting your number in the driver station fixes your IP settings

Only if you have the driver station set up to automatically configure your network adapters… On my driver station I manually set up my IP address for specific reasons.