iPhone 5?

Rumored pics. Looks pretty similiar. Better be an antenna fix. What do you guys think?


Pretty sure at this point it isn’t iPhone 5, but iPhone 4 for Verizon, since it has the extra antena break above the mute button.

I agree with you there, since I just saw the Verizon one.

I’ve heard iPhone 5 could have Dual-Core processor, who knows. The Android phones are soon to implement those

Dual Cores in phones would be awesome.

Is there iphone 5?:eek:

Wait till July.

Latest iDevice rumor is iPad 2 won’t have retina display

This seems like the architecture apple is designing their next chip for iDevices on. Up to 4 cores. Yummy.


I must say, a new iPhone would be an impressive piece of tech, and I wonder if it can beat Android’s manufacturers in quality again.

Doubtful, though. Why?

DROOOOID (Is used by Revon)

Android OS is much less stable than Apple’s iOS. There are pros and cons to both, but in the end iPhone prevails in my opinion.