iPhone illiterate

Ok I’m trying to do a search in a forum from my new iPhone, but when I type in the search line and hit either go or done it disappears without searching. What do I need to do to search from an iPhone?

Try touching the “go” button next to the search box instead of the keyboard “enter” or “done” buttons.

I described it wrong - the search box goes away as soon as I start typing so I can’t hit the search button

Try tapping and holding the Search button and opening it in a new window.

When I tried it (iPod touch 4th gen, iOS 4.1), the box disappeared the first time. I tried clicking the arrow next to search again and after that, everything worked fine. You could also click the “advanced search” button to open an actual search page.

The iPhone is a great beginner’s Smart Phone. My solution, though it’s my opinion TBH, is to get rid of the iPhone. Safari doesn’t play well with many websites that use advanced CSS or JavaScript. Conversely, many websites haven’t even attempted to optimize for any mobile platforms, so the point may be moot.

This doesn’t even include my rant about a bloated iTunes on Windows, Apple’s aggressive push to get Windows users to install Safari and Quicktime during iTunes updates, AppStore’s ever-changing Terms Of Service that allows Apple more freedom with your data, and Apple’s general lack of customization for privacy/security on the web.

iTunes really isn’t all that bloated at least in today’s terms. I’ve never seen it take up too much processor or RAM power for any computer I’ve used, and it doesn’t really eat up storage space either. There are better music managers, but it’s definitely passable.

Safari can do decently with advanced CSS or Javascript in my experience, actually… I’ve mainly had a problem with Flash (surprise!) and not being able to access the full site when websites insist on giving me dumbed down iPhone versions when the main version usually works just fine (Facebook comes to mind).

While I’m sure an Android is better for a lot of people and I might prefer it, I’ve never really had an experience with my iPhone that’s made me regret purchasing it.

My experience is exactly the opposite. Ignoring Flash for a moment, the only times I’ve seen Safari fail to render a site well are when the server specifically tests for IE and “dumbs down” the page if it isn’t detected. I’m also not counting when the author does a poor job of writing an iPhone-specific version of the page.

I have never had a problem with safari. It is actually my preferred web browser. I and people I know also have had many issues with android phones (my friends touch screen goes in and out and my co-workers droid incredible died twice) now to get back on topic I have never had the problem stated above on my ipod touch. try clicking the arrow or opening advanced search. I’ll play around with my ipod touch and see what else I can do for you.

The issues with ChiefDelphi on mobile devices are due to vBulletin.

vBulletin attempts to identify the browser, and if it detects an “advanced” browser it gives you the full version of the page. Otherwise it strips out a lot of the Javascript stuff, mostly the dropdown menus and “popup” boxes. The problem with the browser checking is that it’s several years out of date; for example, it can’t tell the difference between desktop Safari and mobile Safari (hence iOS devices get full version) and it doesn’t yet accept desktop Chrome as a full-featured browser (there are no dropdown boxes in the orange horizontal menu, among other missing features).