iPhone/iPod Touch Scouting App

Hello everybody my name is Frank Sanchez and I used to be a member of a local Florida team. Today I’m announcing the release of an iPhone/iPod Touch app which is an all-in-one scouting solution for robotics teams. Features include:
-Ability to add numerous text information about various items relating to an robot
-Ability to take picture of an robot and store on the device
-Ability to share individual Team Contacts to other devices through Bluetooth
-Ability to export all Team Contacts into a Excel readable file which you can save and edit on a computer.

If you want to check the app out (it is free) just follow the link below. Also if you have any comments or suggestions about the app you can contact me at the below information. Hope you enjoy the app!


Frank Sanchez

…I have seen the god of scouting, and it is with Frank!

You forgot the best feature - it’s free!

I’ll be testing it out at the CAGE Match next week.

One question I have is: Does it only show the robots you’ve logged, or any robot anyone else has put in a database? Is it possible to share?

Looks like it could be helpful, but is crashing (even after a fresh reboot) every time I launch the app. Any help would be appreciated!



Currently the app works in that you must have inputed the data yourself onto the device. We are currently tossing around the idea of a “global” database that the app will connect to and be able to download any contact any user has inputed but right now its just an idea. You can share any team contact either through Bluetooth from one iPhone/iPod Touch to another iPhone/iPod Touch device. The other sharing is actually an export of all the contacts you have inputed to a .CSV file which you can then copy from iTunes to your computer and open/edit in Excel. Hope that answers your questions.

I’m sorry that the app is not properly working for you. If you could send me (sanchez@raygunapps.com) the kind of device your are trying to run the app on and the software version your device is running (i.e. iOS 4.0,4.1,etc). Once we receive that information we will work as hard as we can to fix the bug causing the crash.

Any support for a native iPad app coming soon?

Yes a native iPad version is coming in the next week or so and it will be a universal app with all of the same features. I will be posting to this thread when the update is live!

We have updated the app which fixes a few bugs. As well as the app now natively supports the iPad. You can check it out at the following link.



Next step…android :wink:

Looks cool. I had to use EditGrid spreadsheets on my iPod’s 3.5" screen last year. Not fun (typically didn’t have wifi).

I’ll definitely check this out.