I’m in love. And its with a piece of electronics you can slip in your pocket. Apple, thank you for making the world a better place.

What do you think?

Its nice to look at. I like looking at it. I will keep on looking at it, and also my $599.00. $599.00 is nice to look at. I like looking at it. I will keep looking at it…


It’s amazing!!! Everything that you could need and they way that everything works. It runs OSX on it too. browsing multiple web pages, iPod, PHONE, and the voicemail is so cool!!

Oooohhh, Purty…

For a fully featured Video Ipod with palm-pilot functionality, $599 isn’t that bad at all. When you add in all of the excellent phone capabilities, That number doesn’t look so big any more.
Not that I have $599 to spend on a Phone/Ipod/Palm-pilot , I just think it is a pretty good value :slight_smile:

Cingular is the only downpoint. I’m going to wait until a rival version is offered on a better carrier.

Nothing would come close to it for a while. Plus what’s wrong with Cingular. (Apple signed a multi-year contract with them)

It’s nice to look at, but I’m not planning on dishing out $600 for a phone any time soon. My worry is with the touchscreen, it will get incredibly greasy from hand oil and it seems like it’d be amazingly easy to scratch up.

I was just watching the keynote, and all I can say is wow. I was recently considering purchasing a new phone and a new iPod because the phone I have is four years old, and I accidentally lost my iPod … but I think I can wait until June now.

This is just my own opinion (because everyone in this thread likes the phone so much) but I think it looks ugly. And that’s from looking at the Apple product page. I wouldn’t buy it just because of the way it looks. I rather spend my money on a 18V DeWalt cordless tool set.

“More RAM for comp” beats “phone i’d use maybe once a month” everytime.

I was looking at that thing last night! Its just about the coolest thing i could have ever expected them to dish out! It is a little big but i think the features make up… however $599… :ahh:

I love the phone, but…
A lot of us can’t take cameras into work; this includes cellphones with camera capabilities. Why does the cell phone market ignore us?

I’m waiting for Cisco, who owns the copyright on the name “iPhone” to sue Apple for marketing a product with the same name as theirs.

Looks like the lawyers lose this one!

Article here.

I expect to see a big price drop on Blackberries and Treos once these babies start showing up in the corporate world. I never had much interest in any of those (because of their size and miniature interfaces), and was perfectly happy with my Moto cel - until I saw the iPhone demo online last night. If they can deliver them in quantity, as someone said on Slashdot, Apple’s going to print money with these things.

I’d like to see Sprint carry it within 2 years when i renew my contract. Then I get the discounted price (which i bet will hover around $100 or so).

What ever happen to the good ol days when all you needed from a phone was to make and receive calls. :rolleyes:

I will have one, I think that the price is not that bad for the all of the things that the iPhone will do. I am not a huge fan of cingular but its better then nextel so it wont be that bad.

right now it’s 500 to 600 dollars WITH 2 year contract. I haven’t even seen the retail price on this thing. I haven’t beeen excited for any phone, but this beautiful piece of electonics made me do a double take, then a triple and then a quadruple glance.

I really, really want this phone. And thankfully, I have Cingular already.

It’s just so amazing.