IPO Honors Dean Kamen as Top Inventor of 2013!

The IPO Education Foundation has selected Dean Kamen as the 40th Annual Inventor of the Year for his Slingshot™ Water Distillation System! This award “honors inventors whose creations have made a significant impact on national economies or quality of life.” Here is the announcement page, and here is the full press release, which includes a brief mention of FIRST. Also, here is a complete list of past years’ winners. Ironically, last year’s award recipient was the inventor of Kinect.

It looks like the past 4 winners each have a ‘Tribute Video’ for their work…I wonder if Dean and the Slingshot™ Water Distillation System will get one too.

Congrats to Dean for all of his excellent work!

If you’re not familiar with Slingshot, here’s a video that already exists:

Congrats, Dean!

Do you think he reads ChiefDelphi?

I saw him with the system on TV maybe 2 years ago, he had some of the dirtiest water imaginable in a clear tank, and his system was there just churning out clean water from it. They even drank some. I forget the show (someone will remind me) but it did get national attention.

It really is a world-changing invention, since much of the world lacks access to clean water.

I think it’s awesome how it runs off of cow manure.

Really makes it usable in Africa and other rural locations.

When things are sent his way – yes!

Slingshot is quite amazing indeed. Very happy to see it getting attention.

Dean Kamen --> Water Filter --> Water --> Water game :ahh:

In all seriousness, congratulations Dean!

Here’s a blurb from the IPO news on it. Sounds like FIRST got a shot-out from the NH Senator, who I believe spoke at Kickoff last year as well.

Last evening, despite bad weather in Washington, DC, about 300 people gathered at the “Old Patent Office Building” for a gala event to celebrate IP. It was the annual IPO Education Foundation Awards Dinner, at which the foundation recognized DOUGLAS HENDERSON as the 2013 Distinguished IP Professional, DEAN KAMEN as the 40th Inventor of the Year, five winners of the IP Video Contest, and recipients of an IPO Foundation grant to Conrad Foundation Spirit of Innovation Challenge finalists. During his acceptance remarks, Henderson reviewed the history of IPO and urged support for the organization’s mission to promote effective IP rights. Philanthropist TERESA HEINZ presented the Inventor of the Year award to Dean Kamen. U.S. Senator KELLY AYOTTE of New Hampshire also spoke, praising Kamen’s dedication to fostering the excitement and creativity of the next generation of innovators. The IPO Education Foundation wishes to thank all attendees for making the evening truly special.

It could have been The Colbert Report. Stephen was spectacularly friendly to Dean Kamen.

Yes Alan, that is exactly who it was. I remember that Colbert was quite gracious with Dean, and did not ‘roast’ him even a little.