Ipod Hep?

Help! I don’t know what’s wrong with my Ipod. I was listeninig to it and it had a low battery, and the screen said"No battery power remains. Please connect ipod to power." So I did, but it didn’t make the noise it normally does when I hook it up, it isn’t showing up on my itunes account, and it doesn’t show up under the removable devices category under “My Computer”. Its like I never even plugged it in. I tried unplugging it, and that doesn’t work. I’ve also tried closing and reopening itunes, and that doesn’t work either. When I take it off the charger, it won’t let me do anything to it. I have an older version of the ipod nano, 2GB. I really don’t know what to do, I just want to listen to my music. If anybody could help me out, that would be nice.

The battery is dead. Leave it plugged in for a few hours and it’ll start working again. Mine’s been doing that same behavior a bit recently. I think the battery is on its last legs.

My sister had a similar problem with her iPod.

There is a way to “reset” it (not like erasing everyting).

If it doesn’t work after a few hours of charging, then look up on iTunes how to reset it.

It’s a wierd combination of flipping the hold switch back and forth and holding down the main and the play/pause for a while.

Thanks! That hasn’t done that before, so I didn’t really know.

If all else fails…read the manual! :slight_smile:


What, read the manual? Who would’ve ever thought of that?:slight_smile: Thanks, I’ve got it fixed now. I let it sit for several hours, then replugged it in; it was fine, thank goodness!

That happened to me, but my battery just would not take a charge. It’s a gen 3 and the battery was probably toast. It’s 5 years old now, so I just got a new one on ipodjuice.com. Came with the tool and I have twice the battery life as the stock battery would new.