IPS Extruded Aluminum - great for robot skeleton!

To all teams!

This is to all teams who are probably in the process of buying material for the skeleton of your robots. (I do believe there’s a thread about this already suggested by another team, was it Andy?)

IPS, aka Industrial Profile Systems, makes this wonderfully strong extruded aluminum. We’ve used this in the past on our robot and I believe many other teams use them as well.

I believe they offer 2 packages that teams may wish to purchase. We skipped this package deal and picked our own stuff. They gave us an awesome discount on everything!

The great part was we just went to their facility and picked it up there. They are represented in many states. I highly recommend them! Try to find a local supplier.

IPS, Industrial Profile Systems

-anton abaya
rambots, #419
UMass Boston/BC High School

ps. we just bought 30meters of this good stuff. if we have too much, we’ll make a cabinet or something :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is the ad for the extrusion…


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