IR board help

Could someone tell me what kind of connectors you used to hook up the IR Board, and how you did it. Or could you send me a picture or the link to a picture.

i dont want to open a completley new thread for this question, so i hope you don’t mind me throwing my question in here too. my question is how do we hook up the IR Board to the digital inputs. like we have our 4 wires that are outputs from the board, do those go directly to the signal on the digital input and thats it? or do we have to hook up ground to something as well. also where can the power cables go from the ir board? currently we just have them hooked up to a 9v battery.

we cut up some PWM cables, for the 3-wire male and female ends. The IR’s command outputs from the ribbon cable need to get spliced into 4 separate PWM cables … but only the signal pin … you can leave the + and - wires unconnected.

on the provided ribbon cable, pins 1 & 2 are (+) and pins 3 & 4 are (-). the next 4 wires are the outputs for CMD 0/1/2/3.

we just wired up those 4 single signal wire, to the 4 inputs on the Dig I/O on the RC. As long as the IR sensor board is getting the same power source as the RC, you are good-to-go, as they have a common return.

Your standalone 9v battery solution won’t work reliably unless you tie the (-) side of the 9v battery to the (-) side of your bot-power. Without a common return, you risk zapping either the IR board or the Digital inputs of the RC.

For the connections, during our testing we simply used M and F spade lugs, crimped onto the ribbon cable … not sure if we’ll keep it for the final build.