IR Board Not Working (But NOT Fried)

Our IR board stopped working. There was a period of time when it worked well, and then stopped working, and then working well again.
Now it’s not working at all…:confused:

What is our problem and how do we fix it?
And if not fixing it, where can we buy a new compatible IR board from another company (because the IR board from ifirobotics is out of stock for this year…)

Please answer soon, it’s very urgent.

If there is some team with spare IR board and can borrow it to us we would be very very thankfull.
We can give other stuff too, such as window motors, pneumatic pistons and more.

Thanks in advance,
Team 2217

Read the latest Team Update. You may find the answer in there - and unfortunately, you may not like it.

I’m happy to inform you that our problem is solved. :slight_smile:
KY Bots will provide us with the IR Board in exchange for the solenoid they supplied to us beforehand.