IR board problem


We’re having problems with our IR board. We ran through the learning process with many different remotes seccesfully. However, after the learning process is finished and we try to press the buttons, there is no response from the board (no LEDs light up).

The weird thing is that about a month ago, we tried the board and it worked perfectly, but now there is no response after the learning phase.

Did anyone encounter this problem before? Is there anything we can do to solve it? and if not, how can we get a new one?

Any help will be appreciated.

Yes, many boards seem to be having this issue. You are not alone.

I have heard that many teams are having the same problem.

Check and make sure that everything looks nornmal (everything is connected, no weird coloring, metal is all intact, nothing is separated where it doesn’t look like it should be.

Also make sure that you aren’t unplugging the IR board after the learning phase. That was a problem that we had originally. Now our board is completely fried. Someone messed with it. Follow the wiring and learning directions exactly and see if you can figure it out by trial and error.

Good luck,

yeah…i’m having the same problem, and i have absolutely no idea how to fix it…it dosen’t appear to be fried though…

any help?