IR board wiring

Were a rookie team, so we can’t figure out probably to most simplist quesstion ever…

For the IR board, where do the 4 pinouts go to? We assumed the digital in/out. If so, how? Do we buy connectors? Does it go in the red wire slot, black wire slot, ect?

We also assume that wach of the 4 pinouts connect to 4 diffrent digital in/outs.

Please help,

Red is +5v, black is ground, white is signal…so you probably want to connect each of the IR board outputs to the white wire connection of one digital input on the RC, and connect the IR board ground to a black wire.

This could be done by cutting the male end off of 4 PWM cables and splicing the wires on the ribbon cable from the IR board to the PWM cables that have the end that will plug into the RC.

Use solder to splice the wires, and heat shrink tubing to cover the splice.