IR Board

My team’s IR could get us over 2 lines, and one time got over 3…there were teams there getting over all lines with no problem, I heard it had to do with mirrors…can anyone explain that?

What line?

the two finish lines and the regular white lines

We can cross 3/4 lines by using a combination of dead-reckoned turns and encoders on the gearboxes for distance detection. We also tried to use a gyro for the turns, but had hardware problems so we make the turns just by turning for a set time.

I am not sure how mirrors would help unless they were using lasers (which are prohibited), so I am not sure what they meant.


oh ok, thanks for clearing that up!:smiley:

From what I’ve heard, other teams have had trouble with reading the IR, too. What they did was the got a different IR Remote with a longer range. If you are going to another regional, you might want to look at that.

As for now, if it is a problem with the IR board facing the wrong way, you could put it on a servo.
If I could get the full situation, I could help you tonight. Just not with programming:D .

As for mirrors, I guess it would work. It would also continue to limit range, too, though.

Ok awesome!