IR code

Ok, so we put the sensors on rc dig in 1, 2, 4, 5 and servos on 1 & 2.
Then the drives on 13 and 15.
Uploaded and…pwm03 fires at 72 whether auton is enabled or not :ahh: and the servos do not do anything unless you reset and they twitch a little…any help would be appreciated.

a) is designed just to run, it’s not set up to be only running in autonomous mode (you have to do that yourself)

b) if I remember correctly, the IR sensors go on ports 3,4,5, and 6, starting with the left-most and ending with the right-most.

If you are using navigate.c as-is then it’s waiting for you to hit one of the joystick buttons (p1 trigger).

Your hook-ups seem to be correct.

It needs to be modified to be used in competition.
It was talked about here [thread]24631 [/thread]
In addition to those instructions you’ll also need the navigate.c and navigate.h files, and you’ll need to add a call to navigate() to the User_Autonomous_Code() routine in the user_routines_fast.c file.

Read the FAQ, Luke (Okay, okay, so I saw Star Wars a few too many times).