IR Difficulties

Hey everyone…

I am quite new in this field, so I need your assistance with our IR sensor. I have not been able to get the explainations about the IR sensor, but I have connected it with a PWM-cable into the RC’s Digital Input.

But after defining those Inputs in the software, I got no response from them when I checked their outputs. Could I have done something worng with the program or the adjustment of the IR sensor?

I’m not quite sure about that last part of the statement, but the IR sensor must be “trained” before it will output anything. Make sure you do that.

How are you defining the code?

Also, how do you have your power and data hooked up? We used the rainbow cable, two PWMs, and some of the screw terminal block to essentially make a custom cable and get it talking to the OI. A single PWM won’t work for data, but you can use it to power it up and train it.

Do you know the pinout for the IR board?

Pinout for the ribbon cable of the IR board can be found on this page on the FIRST web site:

Page with link to PDF instructions for IR Board:

Direct link to PDF instructions for IR Board: