IR@H Skills: Any difficulties uploading videos yet?

I’m getting ready to upload our last video (as soon as a team member sends it to me), and I’m wondering if folks are having trouble uploading yet. I put up the other ones over the past few days with no difficulty, but as it’s getting close to the deadline, I expect things to get hairier. I really didn’t want to leave it until so late but they did a really great Power Port run tonight, beating their previous by 9 points, so I want to sub that for the one we posted earlier. (Not “great” by global or CD standards, but good for us!)

I’ve noticed the scores in our group have not really been filling out much over the day; 11 teams had raw scores up yesterday, now there are 16 (out of 31) with at least one posted. How does that stack up against other groups? Are folks uploading scores but they aren’t posting to the results board? Or are that many teams either waiting until the very last minute, or not submitting at all? Any guess as to which it is?

I just uploaded our AutoNav challenges and it was super smooth and quick. We waited until the last minute because we were working until the last minute…

Waiting for the remaining videos from our filmographer to edit and upload. At this point however, I’m not super concerned about overloading the site, and given that it’s past midnight in the continental US and Canada now, I don’t expect the volume will pick up until tomorrow morning, if it does.

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Submitted ours last night, I don’t think there were any issues, though it took forever for our scores to show up as “computed”. And one of them still isn’t up, but that could be the fact that I sent it off to my team at like 2:30am just as much as it could be website issues on FIRSTs end.

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My data point confirms that uploading and transcoding is still running smoothly as of 9:30 am Eastern US.

Kudos to FIRST for getting the resource scaling right if this good portal performance holds up through the 3 pm deadline.

The slow updates on the frcathome site, which is the official way to determine that your submitted scores have no errors, creates a little discomfort. Updates to frcathome occured this morning around 5:30 am and 9:30 am Eastern. It would be nice if those increased in frequency as the deadline approaches so teams can validate that they entered scores correctly before pressing the lock button.


Any more info about update frequency? Our scores are all in, but not showing up in the computed scores section. Waiting for that update that’ll determine our fate…

Updates are still few and far between, especially for computed scores.

If you grab the raw scores from your group and paste them in on the Main page of the official offline Excel Score Calculator, you will be able to compute the scores yourself and see where you stand. You could also wait for maybe another hour or so as well.

Our video for the accuracy challenge which is around 3 minutes long has been uploading for over a hour

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